How You Can Enjoy Summer Holiday Alone At Home

  Are you a primary or a high school student on vacation or about to go on summer break and wondering what to do with your time? More especially if your parents are the working type and you’ll be left alone at home; you may be wondering what to do with all this time available. Don’t worry; I have a solution for you.   It is called “Reading.”   Am not going to explain to...
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A Quick Look At How Student With Dyslexia Are Taught To Read

Are you asking what at all Dyslexia is? Well, Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects your ability to read, spell, write, and speak. Kids who have it are often smart and hardworking, but they have trouble connecting the letters they see to the sounds those letters make. Most people today have some symptoms of dyslexia, such as slow reading, trouble spelling, or mixing up words. Adults...
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Little Known Ways to Enjoy School Holidays With Less Stress

Summertime vacations also referred to as summer vacations or summer time breaks are a form of a holiday which occurs usually in summer seasons within school years. During this break, students and instructors are off school typically between 8 to 14 weeks, depending on the country, school, and district. In most countries, summer breaks last between 2 to 3 months. If you are a parent, unless you...
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What Everybody Ought to Know About Modern Schooling

A school is a place where people go to learn subjects under the direction of teachers. Pertaining to young children, one teacher is able to teach all subjects.   Teachers for older students are often specialized so they only teach a few subjects. In many places throughout the world, all children must go to school for a certain number of years. The learning may take place in a classroom, in...
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Are you prepared for bece?

How Prepared Are You For BECE?

BECE - which is the Basic Education Certificate Examination is an eternal examination which marks the end of the junior high school education. The result of the examination is used to give students admission into secondary or vocational schools in Ghana. Ghana Education Service conducts this exam yearly in the month of June and it only last for a week unless there is postponement or...
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Popular International school

31 Popular International Schools In Ghana You Must Know.

An international school is an institution that promotes international education, within an international environment, either by adopting a curriculum such as that of the International Baccalaureate, Edexcel or Cambridge International Exams or using a national curriculum which is totally different from that of the school's country of residence.   In Ghana, most international schools cater mainly...
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8 Topmost Reasons Why Education Is Extremely Important

There are so many definitions of education that one can find. But to me the one that most inspires me is this:   “Education is the act of teaching people how to find and use information in solving problems.”   Therefore an educated person is the one who is able to search and utilize information to overcome any difficult obstacle in any area of his life.   So it is not more of...
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5 Proven Techniques To Help You Pass WASSCE

WASSCE - Which is the West African Senior School Certificate Examination is a type of standardized test administered by WAEC and offered to candidates residing in Anglophone West African countries as the academic school-leaving qualification awarded upon successful completion of senior high school.   There are two different types of the WASSCE examination:   WASSCE...
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Top 21 Back to School Tips For Students

Discover the 21 top tips for getting your school-year on your calendar off to a relaxed and productive start. Gearing up for back-to-school can be a bit overwhelming; there is a lot to do, a lot of transitions to navigate, and often a sense of blues as the realization that summer has, once again, gone by too fast. However, you can easily turn back-to-school anxieties into positive anticipation...
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10 Things You Need To Know Before Writing WAEC Examinations (No. 3 is very impressive)

WAEC is an acronym for West African Examinations Council, a non-profit-making organization, established in 1952 with the purpose to conduct examinations in the public interest and to award certificates that is equivalent to other certificates of examining authorities in the United Kingdom.   Note that WAEC Exams is very important because it is the first external examination that determines...
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