Courses for Parents

Parents who are involved with their child’s schooling tend to have kids with fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance and are more likely to complete high school than students whose parents are not involved in their school.

Involvement allows parents to monitor school and classroom activities, and to coordinate their efforts with teachers to encourage acceptable classroom behavior and ensure that the child completes schoolwork.


If you want to become such a parent for your kids, then this course is for you.



Who Is This For

» You are a working mom or dad with grade school kids.

» You are a housewife with children to take care of.

» You are a sibling with younger ones to mentor.

» You are a relative, caretaker, nanny or close family friend who needs to handle kids.



What You Will Learn

» What is education

» What every parent must know about modern schooling

» The four stages of formal education

» How to get your kids to love learning

» Identifying your child’s learning style

» How to handle kids with learning disability

» Is your child dyslexic?

» Any sign of ADHD? How to find out.

» Challenges kids face at school and how to help them succeed

» How to secure a better future for your kids


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