How You Can Enjoy Summer Holiday Alone At Home

  Are you a primary or a high school student on vacation or about to go on summer break and wondering what to do with your time? More especially if your parents are the working type and you’ll be left alone at home; you may be wondering what to do with all this time available. Don’t worry; I have a solution for you.   It is called “Reading.”   Am not going to explain to...
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A Quick Look At How Student With Dyslexia Are Taught To Read

Are you asking what at all Dyslexia is? Well, Dyslexia is a learning disability that affects your ability to read, spell, write, and speak. Kids who have it are often smart and hardworking, but they have trouble connecting the letters they see to the sounds those letters make. Most people today have some symptoms of dyslexia, such as slow reading, trouble spelling, or mixing up words. Adults...
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Does Your Child Struggle With Homework?

At this time that most kids have gone back to school, few are beginning to get used to the normal routine of reading, learning and most importantly working out homework.   Like many things, homework has become more complex and demanding than years before. Expectations are higher—for students and for teachers—and parents have the additional challenges of controlling iPad/smartphone/TV time,...
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The Best Thing To Do During Long Vacation

Long vacation (summer break) is a great season that everybody awaits passionately for its arrival. Schools are on vacation during this period. Children take time to relax at home. However, indulging in excess relaxation and fun can lead to reading loss as research has shown. During long vacation, most kids are thinking of sleeping in and playing in the pool. Parents are occupied attempting to...
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Ways of Engaging Your Kids on Vacation

Vacation is here again. All around the year, your kids are busy with their schools and studies and in the free time, they engage in recreational activities, making you a worry-free parent. But then comes holidays and this time of the year your kids are free for the whole time. Well, nothing is more daunting than keeping the kids engaged throughout their holidays. During a holiday break, children...
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