Where Can You Find A Tutor?

Are you looking for a tutor for yourself or your child?   If so then, this question of where to get a tutor has probably crossed your mind. Perhaps, you don't know where to start searching for a tutor.   The following are six helpful places to find your idea tutor.     Connect with the School Your child's school will have information on where to find tutors, both through the...
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School Holidays

Main Reason Why You Need Tutoring During School Holidays

Everyone knows that school holidays are, above all, for having fun.      But have you seen any sign that your child might be falling behind at school?   Tutoring during the school holidays is a great way to solve this problem.   More and more parents are using tutoring services during the holidays and more and more tutors are making themselves available for tutoring as well....
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How to Hone Good Learning Habits in Your Child: 6 Tips for Parents

This is a guest contribution by Alan Williamson from www.kingseca.com Seeing children begin to attend toddler nursery is both an exciting and anxiety-inducing parenting moment. Not only are you witnessing your child gradually growing up into a good person, but you also realize that he’s taking one step closer to leaving the nest. But while you’re busy dealing with your own emotions, you...
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Five Things You Must Do This Holiday Season

Holiday season alone can be relaxing and enjoyable. Most people use their holidays to do all the things they never have time for in their everyday routine.   Whether it’s one day off or a week, you don’t need to be surrounded by people to have a great holiday.     Here are 5 things you must do this holiday:     Have a list of items you want to accomplish.   It could be...
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How I Learned French on the Toilet in 6 Months

This is a true story. The events depicted in this text took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2013. That is a good start for this story because I know it might sound unbelievable for one or two folks out there, but I guarantee you that at the time, I was as shameless as the next paragraphs are going to demonstrate. I am a better person now, I swear. :) Who is this Shameless Person Who Learns French...
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Why Most Students Feel Depressed

Most students today are struggling with depression. This is because, they’re face with challenges, pressures and anxieties that causes them to feel overwhelm. For example, they might feel homesick. Also for the first time in their lives, they may be living on their own without any limits on sleep, food to eat or time spent on games and social media sites. In addition to this, students may be...
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Ghana Home Tuition

Home Tuition: 8 Reasons Why It Works

Home tuition simply put is a kind of tuition that occurs at home. In most cases the tuition relates to an academic subject, a skill improvement or test preparation. The teaching in schools alone has become insufficient for kids. That is why, more and more parents are now giving extra learning support at home in the form of tutoring.   Records have shown that, the number of parents searching...
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The Untold Story Of How Tiger Wood Became A Legend

This is a guest contribution by Aba FAME from www.abafame.com     Are you a student, a teacher or a parent? Have you been struggling with any area of your life recently? This untold story of how tiger wood transformed himself from a failure to a winner, a loser to a great legend will teach you a great lesson.   Read also: The Untold Story Of A Mother Who Raised The Inventor Of...
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Strategies For Teaching Kids to Read

Reading is the act of translating written symbols and converting these symbols into words, sentences and paragraphs that can communicate something meaningful to us. Like talking and walking, reading is also a skill. In fact, it is the third language skill, and like all other skills, it must be practiced over and over again until it is perfected. The four language skills however are: listening,...
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Successful Students

40 Unique Traits of Successful Students

I’ve come to realize that successful students aren’t more intelligent than other students.   They’re just more disciplined and focused, and they’ve developed winning habits.   So even if you don’t feel as if you’re a smart student, don’t worry.   Below are few suggestions and ideas on how to become a successful student.   Rely on systems, not motivation Students...
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