What Not to Miss When Teaching Fahrenheit 451

This post originally appeared on the blog Faulkner’s Fast Five. There is so much to teach and learn when reading Ray Bradbury’s magnum opus: Fahrenheit 451. I’m compiling this list of not-to-miss points when teaching this novel after having taught it for years and years, but also with the disclaimer that every time I teach it, I see something new. However, these five aspects of the book...
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Double Track System

Double Track System – So Far Good Or Bad?

For a long time, Ghana has been running a three school terms but the introduction of the double track system has changed this.     The changed is due to severe congestion in classrooms as a result of the free SHS policy.   To solve this problem, the government taught it wise to divide the entire system into two known as double track system.   The idea of the double track...
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