Double Track System

Double Track System – So Far Good Or Bad?

For a long time, Ghana has been running a three school terms but the introduction of the double track system has changed this.     The changed is due to severe congestion in classrooms as a result of the free SHS policy.   To solve this problem, the government taught it wise to divide the entire system into two known as double track system.   The idea of the double track...
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Why Your Child Needs a Personal Teacher

Teacher help a lot in school and kids these days have a lot of on their plates.    With school, extra-curricular activities, sports, and other commitments, staying on top of their grades can often be a source of stress. As families seek to find ways to make these obligations less overwhelming for their children (and themselves) private tutors are often a go-to solution to assist their...
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better grade

The Complete Ultimate Guide To Having A Better Grade

Are you concern about having a better grade? If you are, then you’ll want to check out our brand new and completely free eBook – The Ultimate Guide To Having A Better Grade.   Year in and year out, most people have been asking me this question.   If you have to give one cool advice about how one can improve his/her grade in school what will that advice be?  And my answer has always been...
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What is an Academic Curriculum?

Every school follows a different curriculum but in general, a curriculum is the path of learning that students are typically required to follow. This path of learning can be outlined by school officials or by government officials.It usually includes comprehension of core subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, and sciences. Upon successfully completing an educational curriculum, students...
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Top 5 Ways Of Teaching A First Grade Child At Home

Most first grade kids will start not to like school at this age if they feel that they're not smart or that they're not doing well, so give your child extra doses of support at this stage. First graders are able to talk more about their feelings, so be sure to listen and help out if your child gets discouraged. Here are the important learning milestones children will typically go through in...
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How To Identify Your Child’s Learning Style (New eBook)

"Click2Sell is an authorized reseller of " If you’re a parent, guardian, sibling, teacher or coach and you’re tired of chasing your kids or students around for lessons and want a proven well-tested strategy to deal with this problem then you need this eBook.The brand new How To Identify Your Child’s Learning Style is now available to download in text PDF. This complete guide will show you...
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